Crowning Royalty Contest

We're looking for a King, Queen and Knight!

For the first time in over 20 years, Cartoon Kingdom will have a rulers on the throne.  On September 30th, 2018, we will be crowning a new King, Queen and Knight at Windsor ComiCon.  We're looking for the most loyal supporters of the Kingdom, who will represent all subjects across Cartoon Kingdom.  This will be the biggest contest ever, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be given out.

10 finalists will be selected and will receive a Windsor ComiCon Sunday pass to attend the crowning ceremony.  Once selected, the King and Queen will each receive prize packs valued at over $2000 each.  The Knight will win a prize pack valued at $1000.  These prize packs will consist of various products from statues, figures, comics, trade paperbacks and more.  In addition, we will also have random prize packs up for grabs during the contest period.

To enter, contestants must fill out the form below and must prove their loyal support to the Kingdom through such actions as:

  • Live broadcasts from the store (ie Facebook Live)
  • Share your personal collection with us and the rest of the Kingdom
  • Create content displaying your passion (YouTube videos, art, podcasts etc)
  • Social Media interaction (sharing posts, promoting Cartoon Kingdom in your own posts, Royal Rewards membership drive, etc)
  • Share memories of 20 years of Cartoon Kingdom
  • Anything else you can come up.  There are no rules or limitations (other than keeping it family friendly)


*Please note, titles are ceremonial only, with no ruling power.  Participants and winners agree to having their names, photos and submissions shared on social media and advertising materials.