Smurfs - Volume 12: Smurfs vs. Smurfs Hardcover

Smurfs - Volume 12: Smurfs vs. Smurfs Hardcover

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(W) Peyo, Yvan Delporte (A/CA) Peyo
By Peyo, art and writer, Yvan Delporte, writer
The Smurfs always seem to get into trouble when Papa Smurf is not around. While Papa Smurf works in his laboratory, two Smurfs begin arguing about the proper use of the word "smurf." Smurfs that live in the northern part of the village use it as a verb (as in "bottle smurfer"), while the southerners use it as a noun (as in "smurf opener"). Without Papa Smurf around to calm things down, the argument quickly escalates until the northern and southern smurfs divide themselves along the village lines! With the southern Smurfs set to perform their play "Little Smurf Riding Hood" for the northern Smurfs, it looks like the language disagreement is going to get worse before it gets better!

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